President Judy Peregoff welcomes one and all.

Char Bazinet acknowledges a great committee

A special "thank you" to Cheryl James

Closest to the Pin #6, 5' 8" - Donna Fritz

Closest to the Pin #16, 11' 10" - Cori Corporaal

Committee Members hard at work.

Classics Flight, 1st Place: Joyce Sayles, Jean Waller, Ptty Gabardini, Cassie Demetsky

Classics Flight, 2nd Place: Linda Linkes, Meredith Moore, Susan Braden, Mousse Warren

Classics Flight, 3rd Place:

Mustang Flight, 1st Place: Mary Jo Healy, Adrienne Tobin, Julie Dehaan, Cathy Oddo

Mustang Flight, 2nd Place: Barbara Lowe, Lois Miller, Karen Vosmik, Sandy Woolfall

Mustang Flight, 3rd Place: Linda Hovermale, Larraine Macrea, Carroll D'Orsay, Peggy Hoggatt

Flamingo Flight, 1st Place: Linda Meak, Judy Peregoff, Donna Gravel, Eugenia Steel

Flamingo Flight, 2nd Place: Elaine Marohn, Andrea Jacobs, Sherry Ruddy, Carolyn Fuller

Flamingo Flight 3rd Place: Marie Gallagher, Pat Taylor, Mary Jane Eftink, Cindy Obey