Our GM Dave Leverant

Closest to the Pin #4 Donna Barto

Closest to the Pin #12 Cathy Oddo

Lely Flight 1st Place Anne McDonald & Joan Witte

Lely Flight 2nd Place Pat Taylor & Martine Mousseau

Lely Flight 3rd Place Robin Shields & Nancy Collins

Lely Flight 4th Place Kim Hale & Deb Ketchen

Classics Flight 1st Place Sheryl Gebhart & Margo Doherty

Classics Flight 2nd Place Barbara Lowe and Barb Randell

Classics Flight 3rd Place Pauline Feliciano & Mary Jo Benedetti

Classics Flight 4th Place Mousse Warren & Darcy Ojeda

Flamingo Flight 1st Place Linda Henderson & Sheila Noakes

Flamingo Flight 2nd Place Carroll D'Orsay & Marge Cherry

Flamingo Flight 3rd Place Sherry Ruddy & Carolyn Fuller

Flamingo Flight 4th Place Joann Parker & Lucia Borzillo

Mustang Flight 1st Place Linda Linkes & Sandy Engels

Mustang Flight 2nd Place Penny Arduin & Kelly Sinclair

Mustang Flight 3rd Place Lois Miller & Connie Mullen

Mustang Flight 4th Place Sandy Berger & Carol Stenberg