Sign up and Cancellation Policy

All sign ups must be completed online before 3:00 p.m. on Monday for Wednesday play.

All events are on a first come, first serve basis. If an event is full, you will receive an automatic response requesting that you contact the golf shop directly to be put on a wait list. (With the exception the our member guest events and then you will contact the Board Sponsor for that event)

If you must cancel, you must do so by email three (3) days in advance of CWGA Tournament Events* and 48 hours in advance of weekly events.  You will receive an automatic confirmation immediately upon signing up for an event. This confirmation will have the contact person (Board Spnsor) for each event.  Each event has been assigned a Board Sponsor.  It is important that you email the contact person if you are not able to participate in the event.  

You will also receive a reminder email approximately five days prior to each event that you have signed up for.  This will allow you the opportunity to cancel prior to the deadline, if necessary. Due to the fact that many special events are fully booked, please be thoughtful of your fellow members and give them a chance to participate if you are not able to do so.

Members failing to cancel three (3) days in advance for any Club Tournament Event* or 24 hours in advance of weekly events will be charged in full.  

Cancellations on the day of the event will be charged a cart fee.  Exception:  If course conditions are cart path only and physical limitations prohibit you from playing.

If, on the day of play, an event is canceled during play due to bad weather, we will still hold the luncheon or dinner.  You will only be charged the food and beverage component of the event.

If course conditions demand cart path only play and physical conditions prohibit you from being able to play, an exception will be made.

*Members failing to cancel seven (7) days in advance of Member/Guest Tournaments will be charged in full.