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Chair - Linda Henderson 
Every year at the Closing Day meeting, you are compensated in cash for every birdie you make on CWGA Wednesdays.  This can
build to a substantial amount, so you want to be sure you are accurate in recording your birdies. 

There will be a Birdie Box on the counter in the Ladies Locker Room that will contain a small white form for you to fill out your name,
date, hole number and a line for a person who played in your group to attest to your birdie.  Once completed, place the form back in
the FRONT of the box.  Do not file it.  Please try to do this on the day your make your birdie.

In order to fill our Birdie Tree on the wall, there will be a bowl with a cute little blue bird for you to write your name and hole
number on it and then hang it on the Birdie Tree.

To avoid any misunderstandings, a birdie is one under par on any hole.  A birdie can only be recorded if it is a natural birdie. 
That means, if you are playing in a scramble, it must be your drive, your approach shot(s) and your putt for it to be counted as a birdie.

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Chip-ins -  a voluntary and informal sidebar to our weekly games.

Chair - Judy Clearihue   

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  - Eileen Skultety

Rules - Donna Gagnon 

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